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Is your home or office driving you crazy? We are your prescription for sanity!
We teach the skills needed to solve a lifetime of organizing problems by designing systems and processes using established organizing principles and customized solutions.

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Is your honey-do list too big to handle? Let us scratch off a few things!
The majority of home-maintenance can be left to us. Seasonal packages are available.

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We consign at considerable less fee than physical stores. Package deals are available for multiple items of one kind. We market to appropriate target audiences and handle the transactions.

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My Cleaning Revolution

Save your family and the environment from potential hazards with reusable products from Norwex. Just add water to antibacterial microfiber and clean your whole house.

"At last the garbage reached so high that finally it touched the sky. And all the neighbors moved away, and none of their friends would come and play." Shel Silverstein, Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out

Brigitte Starkey

“Let’s take care of this!” is my motto. I am an organizer by heart with a heart. In my crib, I lined up my stuffed toys by size, as a boarding school student I organized my fellows’ cubbies and closets, as a secretary I developed better-working filing solutions and processes for my employers, as a resource technician at a blind school I designed and organized offices, class rooms and the resource library…and once I left my employment I organized my friends’ houses until someone mentioned I should do this for a living. And so I have, for the last ten years, and enjoyed every minute of it. I was never obsessed about organizing, but I was always having the more practical solutions, the easier way to do something, getting the projects others gave up on (and then carried them out), and having a vision for solutions befitting the needs and wants of my clients.

Clutter Wrangler
Party Animal
David Starkey

“Make me a list!” is what I tell our clients.
I have done handyman work since 1990 in Austin, prior to that in San Antonio for two years, and five years in Galveston. I worked as a licensed marine engineer and boat captain for oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, a ranch hand in Chapel Hill, and a licensed X-ray tech in Austin and Georgetown, but truly enjoy working along side Brigitte as THE handyman.

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