How to Tackle an Overflowing Closet

Has your closet turned to a mine field? Do you cringe the explosion that occurs when you open the door? Is there a certain piece of clothing that is “in there somewhere”? Then it is time to organize your closet.

You may have procrastinated because you feel it would be easier if you lived in a house with a bedroom closet the size of a 2 car garage to store your overflow, but not many of us have that option. But that’s ok, there’s other solutions:

  1. Summon your courage to face it head on. Come on, you can do it!
  2. Get reacquainted with your clothes. Take everything out of your closet. You might be surprised to see that there are some clothes still with tags on. But what you’re looking for here is looking at your color scheme. Are there more reds than blues? Is there a pair of pants you’ve never worn because you don’t have anything to wear with them? Do an inventory. Then the next time you want to shop for clothing, you’ll know what you need.
  3. Keep, Reduce, Donate or Dump. Start piles. If you are not 100% satisfied with an item, do not give it a second thought; simply let them go. Donate and discard unwanted clothes; clothes that don’t fit, stained, ripped, out of style, etc. Doing this will free more space in your closet on your newly acquired clothes.
  4. While your clothes are out of the closet, clean it out, vacuum, wipe down the shelves, etc. Air dry the closet to remove any odor that might have resulted from storing dirty clothes.
  5. Next, measure up the size or layout of your closet. Perhaps you would benefit from a custom closet makeover. But til then, install shoe racks along one wall of the closet or you can hang a wire rack from the closet door.
  6. Decide how you want to hang your clothes back into your closet. One way to organize your clothes is by seasons. That is, the clothes you are not using in that particular season should be kept in a box or in a plastic bin. Another way is by color. Then there’s by type/style. Dresses, slacks, jeans, t-shirts, blouses, etc.
  7. Invest in some good hangars. Popular ones now are the felt covered as clothes don’t seem to fall off of those as easily as the plastic or wire. I never recommend wire as it leaves indentations on your clothes or produces a misshape.
  8. If you don’t have sufficient hangars or space in your closet, fold them neatly and pack them under the bed. Unfolded or crumpled up shirts take more space than the neatly folded clothes. By folding your clothes, you’ll be able to maximize your space.

Whew! Don’t you feel better? I know your closet can breathe a sigh of relief now that it’s not so crammed full of unnecessary items.

Need help with that custom closet mentioned earlier? Give us a call. Depending on the space you have to work with, we may not be able to get you set up with the large closet of your dreams, but we can sure make the one you have easier to organize next season.

~ Copyright Cure For Space 2015

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