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There is a first time for everything

I generally don’t consider myself naïve—or a babe in the woods… But, if you want to learn how creative internet scammers are nowadays, read on. Yes, I got scammed, but results were my money back and after a jolt in blood pressure. After being originally scammed by a group of people that “fix” your computer

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Coupons and Specials

2 hours for $100 (a $60 savings!) to see if we are a fit, to consult or to tackle a corner. Audit/assessment/organizing plan for $250 9 hours (minimum of 3-hour sessions) for $600 (a $120 savings!). Sessions will have to be completed within a 1-month period from original purchasing date. Use a 9 hour package

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Mid-Morning Basket

Busy lives often let us overlook the things we are “supposed to do.” For example, what happens to the important mail you bring in from your mailbox? Does it get separated from the junk mail? Does it get opened? Does it end up in an ever-growing pile, or even several piles? Here is a start

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How tolerant are you?

Tolerance levels can reach incredible lows AND highs. Does disorganization and clutter challenge your tolerance levels? Take a few minutes every day to unclutter the area that matters to you most. Outrank frustrations and accusations by non-blaming and problem-solving. Lend a hand to other family members who might be contributing to clutter by making it

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