5 Ways My Professional Organizer Saved My Business

This Blog was written for me by a recent client:

Being a small business owner is one of the most fulfilling endeavors in life, according to countless entrepreneurs. Small business owners get to chase their dreams, drawing in clients to enjoy their services and products while enjoying a semi-flexible schedule. On the back-end, however, operating a small business takes a lot of passion, commitment, and, lest we forget, work. One of the biggest obstacle to getting that work? Disorganization. That’s where the help of a Professional Organizer comes in.

I’ve been a small business owner for years, and while my business was thriving on a small scale, a sudden increase in volume required me to work at all hours. I was up at the crack of dawn and up late into the A.M. hours. While I enjoyed the work, I realized I wasn’t really getting that much done. A Professional Organizer promised to change the way I work, and I agreed to use her services. At the end of the very first day, I realized that she was going to help me work smarter, not harder.

Here are 5 ways my Professional Organizer saved my business:

  1. Streamlined my schedule

My Professional Organizer recognized that my schedule wasn’t well-planned. In fact, I didn’t plan a lot of aspects of my business – I just did them when I remembered to. By placing all vital appointments and duties on a schedule, my Professional Organizer showed me how to do more in less time.

  1. Outsourced my bookkeeping

I was hotly against outsourcing my bookkeeping for a long time, but my Professional Organizer showed me the difference in time and accuracy a professional hand can make. She had my bookkeeping outsourced to a local company that gives me the option to go online anytime to view my statements & reports! 

  1. Brought me back to essentials

When my Professional Organizer started to downsize the number of apps and programs I use, I felt extremely apprehensive. However, I quickly learned that I could do more with less. With a few select essential yet powerful apps and resources, I was able to do so much more than before.

  1. Changed the layout of my desk

This might not seem as important as some of the other points listed here, but I can assure you this made a huge impact in my day-to-day work. My desk is now organized, and it’s easier to work without so much clutter in my way. I have everything I need at my fingertips thanks to my Professional Organizer.

  1. Improved my home office

As a small business owner, I work at home…a lot! I had a small desk set up in the corner of my living room, but it was cluttered, dark, and inefficient. My Professional Organizer helped to create a space-saving office area in my bedroom. My home office is compact, clean, and has everything I need to work efficiently from the comfort of home.

All in all, my Professional Organizer saved my business by taking out the clutter in my day to day work. She taught me how to better manage time and resources, a lesson that has redefined the way I run my business!

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