Do you think it takes bravery to tackle clutter in your house? Sometimes, clutter can get scary, overwhelming, and emotionally draining. The step to tackling a disorganized space may require a brave move on several levels.

First of all, one may need to overcome the fear of accepting help–may that be in the form of a friend, family member, or professional organizer. This includes that one has to overcome the embarassment for someone else to experience the clutter in one’s home. If you or someone you know have had trouble overcoming these fears, let me assure you, you or they are not alone.

It is a challenge that can dissipate within a few minutes after your help has arrived. Professionals tend to be unbiased and non-judgemental, friends and family members can be too. Your first step would be to plan a time to start and bring it up to the possible candidates in your private circle. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a volunteer or if a volunteer seems incompatible. Professional organizing can bring your plan of action into focus and teach you the necessary skills to maintain the newly established order in your house.

If you are not organizationally challenged, but you find yourself being the maid of the house, it takes a brave move to rein in family members for help. Clutter generators often don’t recognize the state of the house or the time it takes to be picked up after. By making certain that you have designated spaces for everything in your house you can expect that items are put back after each use. Changing habits is a process, and it might take some bravery besides patience. Friendly reminders and communal “pick-up” times on a daily basis are one way of conquering clutter.

Be brave, don’t give up, you too can have a well-maintained home!

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