How organizing with Feng Shui can improve your bedroom, open you up to new relationships, or make a positive change in a current relationship:
— Remove any object that reminds you of your work. If you have to keep your desk in there, disguise it while you are not working at it.
— Remove any and all items from under the bed. Clutter or objects under the bed can lead to squabbling with your partner.
— Move any exercise equipment out of your bedroom. If you really use it on a regular/daily basis, disguise it while your are not exercising.
— Weed out collected reading material on a regular basis. Keep only what you currently read at your bedside.
— Avoid collecting dirty laundry in your bedroom.
— If you have children, teach them to take their toys, books, clothing, etc. with them when they leave and/or make daily rounds to remove their clutter.
— If you have pets, place a dog or cat bed by the foot of your bed and encourage them to use it. Sleeping with a pet might discourage a new relationship.
Your bedroom should only store, contain, and house those items that you use in there to relax, sleep, rejuvenate, and love.


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