What do you see when you enter your home?

Coming from Germany I grew up with entrances to the house that either led into a hallway or a vestibule. Hence, when I designed my house here in Texas I created a vestibule for the front entrance and a mudroom for the side entrance.

Bigger homes often have similar entrances, but there are lots of smaller homes that enter into the living room or from the garage into the kitchen.

No matter what your entry path is when you come home from work, or just from being away, what is in this path could set the mood for the rest of the day or night.

Are you circumventing anything? Keep your path into the house unobstructed. It fosters agreements with yourself and other occupants.

Is everyone taking off their shoes at the door? Make sure you have ample and appropriate space to keep shoes. Mudmats and short shoe racks come in handy.

Coats and hats are taking over the coat rack? Make it a weekly habit (for everyone in your household) to return items to closets, start fresh on Monday.

Containers (boxes, bags, etc.) leaning by the door to be destined for trash, recycling, or donating? It takes only a few minutes to take the trash to the can, or put recycling in designated containers (e.g., provided trash can, personal collectors) and put the donation items in the car to be dropped off at the first opportunity.

Are you “collecting” your mail by your entry? Give yourself the opportunity to trash unsolicited mail before it enters the house by placing a can conveniently to go either into recycling or the shredder (or fire.) Two baskets, one for ovbious bills or important letters, and one for the rest. Deal with your mail as often as the amount coming in dictates. Lots of mail–every day, but most people without businesses can get away with once a week. You will be surprised how little there is once you weed it out before bringing it in the house.

If you are coming in through your garage that means that you most likely have space to park in your garage. Applause!! If you don’t park in your garage, enter through your front door.

Last, but not least, there are porches to consider. It should not be a storage space for your kids’ outdoor toys. Have seating? Keep it open to sit in. Use doormats (and teach your children to use them.)




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