Focus? What’s that?

One of the biggest obstacle in accomplishing a goal, and I have witnessed this in my 12 years of professional organizing (and the years before in other scenarios,) is people having trouble focusing.

It can be a challenge for anyone, especially if the task is considered boring or bothersome. And, believe me, I am no different. I have learned, however, that if I don’t set out to über-promise myself (e.g., “I will spend the next (blank) hours to do ……”) I have greater success in accomplishing a goal. Make sure that the time you allot yourself allows you uninterrupted time.

Be realistic with yourself, if your attention span tends to be short (and you know best,) keep your promise to yourself within that time frame. Past experience should help you to figure this out. Focusing on something for 10 minutes often brings results you are pleased with which makes next time way easier to do the same task. The “expected” outcome will give you the focus you need and the will to continue or finish a task.

Sticking with the example of organizing–like a kitchen–give yourself the task of one (maybe two) drawers and focus all your attention to it. If you do this once a week, organization will literally fall into place. If that task, for example, was your junk drawer, the remake should be very gratifying.

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