What are you hanging on to? Do you question yourself why you have kept an item for ___ years? You know you have stored things that you should really get rid of but you just never got around to it? Take one of your “deep six” storage places at a time and start eliminating. Once you are in the groove it will get easier and easier:
Questions you can ask yourself and other family members: Do I/you love it? Do I/you need it? Can I/you imagine myself/yourself ever needing it (or someone else)?
Use your judgment considering the condition of an item. Is it worth preserving, then use the right container that will keep it in good condition.
Every memento should conjure good memories. Get rid what evokes bad ones.
Stop clutter before it happens by checking yourself the next time you put something in storage.
Trips down memory lane to emotional? Ask a friend over (or hire an organizer) to accompany you.
Instead of giving everything away (or throwing it away), you can consider consigning the item to be sold.
Offer an item to a relative or friend, but give them a deadline to pick it up or take it to them within the week you decided to get rid of it.
Never second-guess. If you have a pile that is undecided, make your decision at the end of your declutter session.

Real Simple has a a couple of great article I want to pass on to you. If you feel you are accumulating too much stuff, I highly recommend reading the one on clutter. .

If you have a little  more time you might want to check the one on pantry makeovers.
Happy decluttering!

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