Organizing and Decorating with Feng Shui

Home Office:

  • Unclutter, so energy can flow freely.
  • Give yourself plenty of space, move to a larger room in your house, if possible. Basements are considered a hiding space that lacks energy.
  • Make yourself face the door, if that is not possible, hang a mirror so you can see the door while sitting at your desk.
  • Move tall furniture away from your desk, they tend to loom over you.
  • Use yellow tones on your walls if you need a clear mind and plenty of discipline.
  • Use red tones if you are a wheeler and dealer.
  • Place a red object in the wealth corner of your desk(top left corner) or office (left corner) to stimulate good luck.
  • Surround yourself with objects you love and cherish


  • Position the bed so you can see the door from the head of the bed, but not directly opposite the door, or you’ll be disturbed by too much chi entering the room.
  • Place the bed’s headboard should be placed firmly against a solid wall for support. Don’t place a bed under a window. Don’t make anything above the bed hover over you.
  • While mirrors are generally effective feng shui cures, avoid placing one opposite the bed or reflecting the bed.
  • Control your lights with dimmer switches.
  • Use green tones on your walls.


  • Keep the toilet closed when not in use, and keep the bathroom door closed.
  • You should not have a direct view of a bathroom from a front entrance.
  • Keep this room clean, airy, and functional.
  • Use yellow and earth tones on your walls

Living Room:

  • Position the sofa so you can see the front door or entry door to the room from a seated position. If you can’t do this, position a mirror that allows you to see the door from the sofa.
  • Round coffee tables and ottomans are preferable as sharp corners are known as “poison arrows” that may be pointed at people.
  • Make sure the room is not too cluttered with furniture. There should be clear paths for walking


  • Make sure all appliances are in good working order.
  • The stove generates wealth, so use it regularly.
  • Unclutter the countertops and any table surfaces
Place representational objects to enhance each area of your life in a room, your house, or your lot using the Bagua.


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