Organizing Your Life Is A Process

Organizing one’s life creates calmer surroundings and a calmer mind. As an organizer I can help you regain control of your surroundings and teach you how to maintain your spaces efficiently, as well as how to involve your family members or business associates.

It is a process.
I usually recommend an initial plan of action that will help focus you on the projects, tasks, or steps to become organized. Generally, my clients’ habits and routines dictate the sequence of focus. Working with your habits instead of against will ensure success long after I have left the project.
It is important to me that the process is fun and “painless” in a series of sessions on a regular basis. There will be “specified homework,” depending on your stamina and budget. While working hands-on with you, we discuss the downfalls that may create disharmony between the persons who are sharing the space. I suggest solutions to determine the best way to dispel any stressors. 
By learning your likes and dislikes, together we will find ways to keep your life organized.
With my team, we design and create customized storage solutions that make organizing simple and a way of life; always keeping in mind options that fit your budget, as well as considering the resale value it may add to your home. 
Often, my redesign for organization incorporates Feng Shui principles to underline what you would like to achieve. The results may be immediate as well as long-term.
As your organizing consultant I promise to be flexible about your choices, solutions that will work for you, and to make your life easier.  
With our home maintenance and handyman service we can offer you disappearing honey-do lists as well as remodeling, small or large scale.

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