How Organizing with Cure for Space Works:

So the time has come and you realize that only a professional organizer can make some sense out of your organizing needs.

Call and set an appointment for an initial visit (preferred times are 10 am to 2 pm).

The initial visit can be short (one hour or thereabouts) where we take a look at your organizing needs and determine your priorities. We provide you with a plan you can follow or gives you focus for a flat fee of $250.

An initial visit can be a regular session because you might want to see how we can work together. In other words, we can jump right in and take care of things for an hourly rate of $80 with a minimum of three (3) hours, please.

Once you decided we are a good fit, we ask to schedule regular sessions which can be weekly, every other week, or once a month. We do give homework–things you can do on your own–to keep the momentum going. We generally do complete make-overs including placement of furniture and decorative items using feng-shui principles. We help you determine what habits you may want to adopt and what habits don’t serve you anymore. You will acquire methods to maintain organization.

You do have the options to purchase

  • a package of 9 hours (three-hour sessions  minimum) for $600 (a $120 savings!). Sessions will have to be completed within a 1-month period from original purchasing date. Use a 9 hour package to get your garage in order, for example.
  • a package of 20 hours (three-hour sessions minimum) for $1,300 (a $300 savings!). Sessions will have to be completed within a 2-month period from original purchasing date. 20 hours could organize two or three rooms, depending on the severity of needs.

We accept cash, checks, and paypal ( Click on the Buy Now button to link to paypal.


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