The older we get there seems to accumulate quite an assortment of medications and supplements in our cupboards, on our counters, and various other spots in our house, car, or purse.

Here are some simple suggestions to know what you have and know where you will find it when needed:

  • Once or twice a year survey all your bottles, vials, containers for expiration dates.
  • Give your meds and supplements a quick sort by category (e.g., pain, sleep, cold, allergy.)
  • For prescription meds you may want to sort by household member.
  • Usually a “cool, dry” place is recommended to store any pharmaceuticals and supplementals. Find one! And it may not be in your tiny bathroom.
  • Daily doses (if not in a reminder case) should be handy. Keep them contained on top of your dresser or kitchen counter.
  • Reminders will take away your guess if you have taken them or not. Last one taken? Refill immediately!
  • DON’T mix up your pills in one container. Even though you might know what is what, it is just not a good idea.

You can download a more comprehensive guide here: Bottles and Bottles of Meds. It includes disposal guidelines.

Want to keep track online? Here are apps that will do that.



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