Mid-Morning Basket

Busy lives often let us overlook the things we are “supposed to do.” For example, what happens to the important mail you bring in from your mailbox? Does it get separated from the junk mail? Does it get opened? Does it end up in an ever-growing pile, or even several piles?

Here is a start to a solution to the problem:

Designate a basket (should have handles, so you can carry it easily) that you can drop in those important pieces of paper that either need to require you to make a phone call, go on-line or write a check to remit payment, or are too lengthy to read on the spur of the moment.

I call it a mid-morning basket because anyone spending the day in one’s home, should consider the time of the morning between 10 and 11 am to deal with the contents. It’s a break from all the other duties or tasks you are committed to. You can reach just about anyone at that time of the day for discussions on the phone. Take the basket to the spot at the designated time of your choice and start making those phone calls, pay those bills, mark your calendar, or read that newsletter you are interested in every single day. When you are done with a particular piece of paper, file it (if necessary), or toss it. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes and, if it takes less, just relax for a moment.

Take advantage of the focused time and don’t allow yourself to be interrupted (unless it is an emergency, of course). Note how good it feels afterwards to have taken care of things in a timely manner. Don’t think the basket needs to be completely empty when the time is up, you can continue the next day.

If mid-morning is not a good time for you, choose what fits your life, but taking care of the basket daily will be a habit you learn to appreciate.

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