Moving and Relocating your Belongings

I have organized and help pack a client’s belongings to be shipped back to Australia where she originally came from, moved a client who had to give up her house due to divorce, and down-sized a client from 2700 to 900 square feet living space. Each one of them lived many years in one location and had to make many decisions on furniture, clothing, photos, knick-knacks, paper files, music CDs, shoes, books, memorabilia, and jewelry.

Which brings me to his column where planning takes the number one slot in your list of things to do when you are about to move.

As a professional organizer I can’t emphasize enough how much a plan helps when it comes to uncluttering and sorting.

Hopefully, you have plenty of time before the movers take your boxes out of your current situation, because if you have a one-room-apartment or a 5-bedroom house the same rules apply:

  1. Map out your schedule on a calendar for everyone in your household to see.
  2. Be reasonable on how much time you allot for the individual sessions to pack up.
  3. Go room by room, and break down the room by drawers, cabinets, etc.
  4. Start with a plastic container to collect all the items you will need to the last day in your old residence and on the first day after arriving in your new one.
  5. Gather plenty medium-sized boxes to pack up your belongings. If you are moving yourself, smaller boxes are not as heavy.
  6. Sort while packing up, AND let go of what you haven’t used in a long time or if it does not make you feel good. (See also Declutter 101.) Put like items together as much as you can.
  7. List the items in each box and either tape the list to the box (may be lost!), place it inside the box (you will have to open before you find what is in it), or give the box and list an individual number (best practice). Make sure to mark the box on all sides with its number. You can then direct movers to move number 1 to the kitchen, for example.
  8. When you pack a moving trailer, make sure you follow the guidelines of the trailer rental to give you a save ride to your destination.

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