Self – Organization

What is meant by “Self-Organization”?

According to Wikipedia “Self-organization is a process where some form of overall order or coordination arises out of the local interactions between the components of an initially disordered system. This process is spontaneous: it is not necessarily directed or controlled by any agent or subsystem inside or outside of the system.”

Self-organization often refers to being in charge of your life. Staying organized includes the ability of managing yourself according to different tasks in life. The tasks may include handling your personal as well as professional life. Talking about professionalism, staying organized without a doubt is one of the most significant components of a business owner.

Importance of staying organized

As a business owner, staying organized is essential. It is difficult to run a business without organizing prior to initiation. Whether you’re self-employed or employed by someone else, you need to have organizational skills to make your life easy.

Organization often includes delegating little things such as getting a cleaning service. Scheduling appointments with customers and clients can be delegated to a younger beginning Junior Associate or Intern. Organizing your business will include making a list of things that have to be done on daily basis. It is not advised to try to pay bills, working on your marketing campaign and recruit employees all in the same day. That’s 3 different things that need your full attention. When possible, schedule everything according to their priorities. And no, contrary to how you feel, not everything can be #1 Top Priority.

Hiring a Professional Organizer

Being an entrepreneur, you cannot possibly take care of every little detail in your office. However, that does not rid you of the responsibility of being organized. For that, you can hire a Professional Organizer. A Professional Organizer has organization and management skills. Pick someone that understands your needs & figures out the best way for you, not a cookie-cutter system. Explain to the Professional Organizer you currently manage your time and chances are she will find a system that is streamlined and fits your personality. Your Professional Organizer will also consider the present tasks and assist you in setting future goals.

I guarantee you, your life will be easier by bringing in a Professional Organizer and I hope you consider me and Cure For Space to assist you.

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