Single Mom with Two Children

I was referred to a young woman who recently separated from her husband and is now living with her two children in the house she owns. The plan was to move her “studio” out of her spare room so her daughter (10) and son (14) could have separate rooms. The 3-bedroom house with a large common/kitchen area was hard to keep clutter-free and her thought was to move the studio to the breakfast area by the kitchen.

After I assessed her needs, it seemed more plausible to bring her studio into her large bedroom. To do this, we needed to declutter and organize her bedroom first (which was done in 3 sessions that also included organizing the bathroom and master closet.) 2 more sessions brought the jewelry studio supplies into a usable shelving unit that is covered by a shoji screen when not in use. Crochet supplies were moved in plastic containers to garage and only current projects are kept handy. A small desk allows her time on the computer away from the general hubbub. And there is room to dance or do yoga.

We are continuing to move throughout the house, as to quote the mom, “The whole house feels already very different just by getting this one room done!”

Part of her organizing fee has been covered by items we unearthed she didn’t care to keep and I was able to sell for her.

This experience has been and will be one of my best because it has truly encompassed everything I can offer.

…And she loves the Norwex Enviro Cloth I gave her.

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