Summer can give you time for things you have been putting off!

Here is wishing that you had a wonderful 4th of July! Freedom can mean so many things as we all want to be liberated of things that put weight on our shoulders. Releasing feelings and unneeded items can be very liberating.

Round up unwanted items around your house on a monthly basis. For example, broken toys, broken tools/equipment, and trash or recycle them.
Earn tax credits by donating to your favorite charity(ies).
Learn to live simpler.
Explore new uses for items just sitting around.
Ask your relatives, friends, and neighbors if they can use anything you have lost interest in.
Set an example for sensible buying and pass it on to younger generations (e.g., buy local, ignore pushy ads).
Energize yourself by getting rid of what taps your energy.

Have a happy summer!

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