“Surviving” Your Parents’ Estate

It’s natural to be overwhelmed by emotion and your parents’ lifetime accumulation of things needing to be cleared out a family home. Family relationships can be strained over what to keep and what to discard. This could lengthen the home-clearing process more than needed.

If you are named as the executor of an estate or need to settle a loved one’s estate you might need a professional organizer to

  • Sort through documents, personal property, and furnishings
  • Distribute tangible items to heirs, relatives, and friends
  • Pack or distribute items for auctions, resale, and donation
  • Consolidate important papers needed for the process of settling an estate
  • Filing or distributing papers for safe-keeping
  • Coordinate divisions of duty amongst family members.

Hiring outside help will save time, your sanity, and your family relationships while sorting through an accumulation of valuables, mementos, and worthless “stuff.” We can help you focus on family unity, as well as respecting your parents’ memory.

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