Taming Your Children’s Belongings

It’s hot outside, camp has not started or is not in the budget this summer. These few weeks can be a great source of time to redo a child’s room or organize your child’s belongings.

Depending on the age & stamina of your child (and yes, your stamina as well):

  • Make it a game
  • Spend 10 minutes at a time or a whole weekend, both work
  • Do a simple cleanup or a total makeover, whatever your budget allows
  • Involve a sibling or other relative or friend

It is important that YOU are a part of it and that YOU have a plan. For example:

  1. Gather all toys from the house & sort them y type as you ring them together in a designated space. (ie your child’s room.) Have a box or container you can put orphaned parts.
  2. Go through each pile & choose what to keep. If it is broken, toss it. If your child has outgrown it or does not care about it (ask, ask, ask) give it to charity.
  3. Decide where to keep the toys. Choose a shelf, drawer, etc, that makes it easy to put it away. Label, if necessary, with a picture or printed word.
  4. Look through all your child’s clothing – – any hand me downs for brother or sister? Too small? Not comfortable?
  5. Let your friends who have children take a look at what they might want & donate the rest.
  6. Gather all children’s books from the house & put them on a bookshelf in your child’s room (or the den, or wherever your child sits down to read or be read to most.)
  7. Gift or sell to half-price book stores what you or your child does not want to keep. Never give away the old favorites, classics or special books, such as Newberry Award winners. If the book is worth handing down to generations, keep it. If you need to store it, make sure you used acid-free paper to wrap or box it. Make sure to use sealed containers if you decide to box up books & want to keep them in excellent condition.
  8. Reinvent the wall decorations: Photos here & there may be better kept in a photo album or box; posters may have seen their days & could possibly be discarded. Awards on display? Give them their own shelf space or hang them decoratively. Empty bulletin boards & start with clean slates.
  9. How does the furniture arrangement work? Does your child need desk space? Do you want to paint furniture pieces or walls?


Stay tuned for part 2 – Toys, Dolls & Dress-up clothes



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