The Anatomy of a Sick Garage

The Anatomy Of A Sick Garage

The definition of garage is, according to the “DK Oxford Illustrated Dictionary,” a building for the storage of a motor vehicle or vehicles.

People normally call us when their garage no longer adheres to the definition stated above. The buildings are often packed so tightly with “important stuff” that not only is it impossible to bring your car in, often times walking is extremely difficult or even dangerous.

What is this important stuff? It is not necessarily junk or trash as you may think, although some of this may be classified as What Was I Thinking. Our clients are sometimes collectors in need of guidance and storage solutions. We love to keep things that are, at least in our minds, going to be useful someday. How many of you still have concrete blocks from the old college dorm shelves that held an old stereo system that you also still have in a box stored in the so-called garage? Speaking of college, how many boxes of schoolbooks and notes are you hanging on to? Another space filler found in most sick garages involves holiday decorations. We have boxes and boxes of things that have been collected by us and for us. Sometimes we actually dig through our piles and use this stuff, but more often when we need lights we buy more and afterwards fill another box and label it Holiday Lights and stack it neatly within the mess vowing, I will do something about this clutter as soon as I have the time. One solution would be to schedule yourself regularly with a professional organizer, such as Cure for Space, and make room for your vehicles, help you decide what to keep and what to sell, donate. or give away. To help you get started download Declutter 101 from

Junk is often described as anything regarded as having little of no value. It is impossible for us to make that determination about someone else’s stuff, but junk is still junk. Broken and replaced appliances are junk and have no place in an already crowded garage. Another example would be all of the computer equipment you have ever owned and exchanged for the latest technology. We have at least three monitors in our garage at this writing. One other source of junk comes from our friends and relatives who see our garages as a great place to keep their stuff for which they have no room in their spaces. We get these things with a promise that it will only be temporary or lasting meant to last only for a limited time”. This is almost always far more time than was intended. Homeowners love to collect paints and building supplies left over from their construction no matter how long ago the original building occurred. Chances are that if you have had these items in your way for over two years they are either bad or will not be utilized again. Get rid of these things properly.

We cannot throw all of this stuff out therefore the best solution seems to be off of the floor storage. You would be surprised at the room a few shelves and some well thought out culling will create. Only tools and supplies associated with the cars, house, and yard are required to be within easy reach the rest should be labeled and stored on shelves.

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