Time, time, time…Managing a Calendar

My early working years were spent “organizing” a group of 30+ servicemen for a company in Munich. Our department was called Customer Service and we did all the billing as well. Coordinating that many calendars was a true learning experience when it comes to managing time.

After this I “organized” a rehabilitation clinic that served all of South Bavaria with 300+ beds. The average stay of a patient was four weeks, and we didn’t like to have empty beds.

Once in the U.S. I became a front desk person for a podiatrist and dealt with scheduling patients for a variety of treatments. Eventually, I became a state employee and in the course of my 22 years with the State of Texas I became a book publisher coordinating authors, printers, marketing, etc.

As a self-employed business owner having hands in several pies, I could not survive without keeping a calendar and constantly update it. Not only for letting me know who I’m meeting when, but often times I look back when there are questions about the past.

I have certainly enjoyed the most common calendar available that I can access from just about anywhere with any of my devices. I can color-code my projects, groups I am involved with, and mark my times off so I do get time off.

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