What do you see first thing when you get out of bed?

Is your bathroom in need of an overhaul? Remember, that this is probably the first room you enter after you open your eyes in the morning. What does it tell you? Is the countertop filled with items you rarely use? Are the cabinets and drawers full of products you don’t like or have forgotten about? If that is the case, read on.

“Downsizing” your bathroom is easier than you think!
Start with your counter around the sink. Daily use items that may find room on your counter can include your favorite cleansers for face and hands, moisturizers for face and hands, hair care, and dental care. Be selective. Don’t crowd the counter, it will be easier to keep it clean. And, if you have a large counter, your daily make-up items may find a place on top. For everything else find a space in your drawer(s) or cabinet(s). If there is more than one person using your bathroom, designate space(s). Use small containers, if necessary, and make sure they are easy to keep clean.
Definitely find containers for your cabinets to sort your needed items that are small and want to tumble around on a shelf. Drawer dividers, such as silverware trays, work well to keep small items in order. How many items do you find you tried once and did not like? Let them go. Opened product containers are difficult to donate, hand and body lotion bottles you won’t use could be put in baggies with a few other self-care items (Q-tips, bar soap, etc.) you can hand to the person(s) soliciting on street corners.
Do you have favorite towels? Revisit your towels and wash cloths. What you don’t use might come in handy around the house or garage.
How is your first aid kit? Update it by checking expiration dates and refilling where needed.
Medicine cabinet? Pharmaceuticals have expiration dates. If you are not sure how old it is, discard. Bottles and Bottles of Meds gives you helpful info on how to dispose of medications.
To help you figuring out how long beauty products are actually effective, check out this e-article from Real Simple:

Expiration Dates for Beauty Products

Stay cool and start enjoying your bathroom.

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