When You Wear More Than One Hat

You know, we all do. We all wear many hats. My hats have all something to do with helping others grow, improve, maintain, or let go.

I love them all.

One of my hats is taking care of my mother (91) who has all her mental capacities intact, but physically is becoming weaker. There are questions that come up of how much time I can, should, or will devote to make her life the best it can be. Since we live in the same house, I tend to be almost “on call” all the time. She does not take advantage of it, but I do have to take my priorities in consideration often.

So how do you balance your entrepreneurial life with your care-taker life and your husband, children, and grand-children? Sometimes, when I look at other women I can tell they are having difficulty balancing, where others just seem to take to it naturally.

So how do I balance? Sometimes it is day by day, but keeping an up-to-date calendar has become an absolute must. And everybody has access to it that I share my hats with. EVERYTHING that cannot be ignored is noted. Doing it electronically let’s you shift things around so easily. You can print it out for pinning on the wall, if so inclined. Color-coding gives you real good feedback on how and what you spend your time on. If you rather use a paper calendar, consider color-coding on it with highlighters. Allow for drive-times when you mark your slots.

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