There is a first time for everything

I generally don’t consider myself naïve—or a babe in the woods…

But, if you want to learn how creative internet scammers are nowadays, read on.

Yes, I got scammed, but results were my money back and after a jolt in blood pressure. After being originally scammed by a group of people that “fix” your computer (God, I miss my Macs…PCs are not something I will spend my future money on ever again) they contacted me numerous times on offering me a refund because they went out of business and—get this—moving to Australia. (1st flag!)

I don’t know if it was because I decided I could use the “refund,” or I wanted to be distracted from office work, but I went with it. Of course, there was the line of people you are getting to talk to (all of them Indian, I’m sure) that explained that they needed to get back into my computer AND my bank account (2nd flag.)

Everything very elaborate and drawn out and ridiculous, like they are giving you a chance to hang up. Which is what I should have done.

Actually, it was kind of entertaining for a couple of hours. I laughed a lot, which disturbed them (because they were supposively recorded—bwahaha.)

Then came the moment where I (emphasis on “I”) had to type in how much is going to be returned—while we were looking at my bank account (huge 3rd flag.) And, guess what, somehow the $300 due to me became $3000 and their server could only put money into my account but not out and more and more gobbledygook and even the word “shit” was uttered. Well, the $3000 showed up on the computer I was on (I have three.) Oh, what are we gonna do now, he was in danger of losing his job because of the mistake and it has to be tax free money coming back (why this was an issue I never knew.) and the ONLY way this can happen in me getting gifting them the money back (oh my gerrd…this flag should have been 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, …) Apparently there were only to be gotten at Walmart (they “tried” to get an Apple, but the store was too far away from me.) Mind you, I had to stay on the phone with them all the time.

So, I went to Walmart (what the hell was I thinking?) Purchased 5 $500 and 1 $200 cards. Instructions were to tell them that they were for friends and family. Well, I picked some lovely cards that said LOVE on it (which was my ultimate savior move.) Of course, I had to pay those in cash because my bank doesn’t allow that kind of debit purchase.

Got the cards, now they want the numbers. Me, dutifully scratching off the back (don’t you want to slap me now?) Hah, we can’t find these numbers…

It’s the next morning after this debacle and they have the nerve to call me again—as I’m writing this!!!

Oh, I bought the wrong cards, it should have been the blue ones! I actually went back to Walmart to ask for blue cards, which they had none (101st flag.) So we have to go with the cards.

Coming back home, I checked the bank account, and, of course, the $3000 were long gone. Then I started to have words with them and doubting their legitimacy. It became a shouting match. Why (okay, now I really should be bopped hard over the head) I still gave them the numbers—scanned, no less—I have no idea. Obviously, I wasn’t gullible enough already. This isn’t a flag anymore, now there’s a cannon shooting very loud warning shots. They did put the $3000 back in it (I would really like to know how they do that.)

And why did everyone of those bastards ask me how old I was?????

After eating dinner I decided to really look into this, went back to Walmart to see if I could return the cards, but they were already scratched off, so I couldn’t.

Talked to Walmart corporate offices (they have a whole department dealing with this) and they immediately froze the cards and will return my money. Phew!

Now they are harassing me with phone calls which I’m either declining or not answering. I answered once with the greeting: “Oh, my friendly scammers! Good bye!”

The moral of the story, if you are a good person and believe in the best of people YOU CAN BE SCAMMED.

PS: I did report it to the Federal Trade Commission, whatever good it will do.


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