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One of our latest handyman projects

One of our latest handyman projects

A fence the neighbors can be envious about
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Adult Tilt-in-Space with Reclining Back WheelchairAdult Tilt-in-Space with Reclining Back WheelchairQuickie IRIS wheelchair (Tilt-In-Space)
Super Easy Business Card Collecting BoxSuper Easy Business Card Collecting BoxThis wooden box shown holds 500 business cards. Custom sizes available. Please contact us for your specialized needs. Pattern may vary. Categorize tabs to your own liking--the way YOU think.


...we are your for sanity...

Download Declutter 101 to get you started!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Feeling embarassed? We provide you with a plan and guide you through the process of organization.

We know that in today's rush and stressful times it can become very difficult to keep things in order.

When you hire a skilled professional you accomplish more at work and at home, find things faster, gain control of your surroundings, improve quality of life, and create streamlined other words "reduce your stress."

Your Prescription for Sanity:

  1. You are given guidelines that are easy to follow and make organizing fit in your busy schedule.
  2. You are provided with organizing solutions tailored to meet your organizing needs, now and in the future.
  3. You will acquire skills you need to solve a lifetime of organizing problems with systems and processes using established organizing principles.
  4. We work within your budget. The lower the budget the less hands-on help by us during the the process.
  5. We ask you to refrain from further shopping until we have identified an item that is absolutely needed and is not already available in the household.
  6. We repurpose items whenever possible.
  7. Actions plans are generally submitted within 48 hours of our initial visit. The action plan becomes an agreement at the first session.
  8. Homework is given between sessions.

How it works:

  • Initial Visit to Assess is $200 -- includes an action plan you can follow yourself.
  • Organizing Services are $75/hour -- minimum of 4 hours per session is preferred (more if your stamina allows).
  • We prefer to set up an initial visit to evaluate your needs, but will give you immediate hands-on assistance at our first visit if so desired.
  • Generally, it will be necessary for you or someone you trust to accompany us in the tasks of sorting, eliminating, and organizing.
  • We suggest setting up scheduled organizing sessions that will fit your life style, but are occuring as regular as possible.
  • Cancellations are appreciated 48 hours in advance. A charge of $40 will apply for cancellations outside this time range.
  • Any necessary handyman fixes can be performed by us or we can recommend a professional technician.
  • We can help you decide on sellable and donation items, and transport them to resale or thrift shops.
  • We also organize estate sales, including cataloging items.
  • We design and build storage spaces tailored to your need using ergonomic principles.
  • We can also help redecorate and apply feng shui principles.
  • We can work with children, seniors, and individuals with impairments.


Rummaging in your cabinets for utensils, spices, pots and pans?
We will give your cabinets a make-over so you have everything at your fingertips.

Difficulty preparing a meal due to lack of countertop space?
We will recreate your countertop arrangements to make cooking a breeze.

What’s in your pantry?
We will give your pantry organization with your eating habits in mind


Hallway stores your what-nots?
We will find a place or home for everything.

How does it make you feel when you enter your house through the frontdoor? Is it welcoming your guests?
We will make your front entry say “welcome,”with new curb appeal, incorporating feng shui principles,and practial solutions.

Do you enter your house through a secondary doorway? From your garage? From you carport? What’s in the way of your daily path?
We will make your daily path obstacle free.

Living Areas

Can you invite your friends to your formal living room?
We will make your living room guest friendly again.

Have you outgrown your den or family room?
We will rediscover your family room to accommodate your favorite family activities.

CDs, DVDs everywhere? Are all your components in working order? Is your entertainment center groaning under its weight?
We will create solutions that are easy to maintain

Dining Areas

Is you formal dining table a catchall?
We will redefine your formal dining room.

What else gathers in your breakfast nook besides your family?
We will find places and solutions for your mail, school papers, etc.


Slaving instead of resting in your master bedroom?
We will make your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve.
We incorporate Feng Shui principles.
We help you redecorate after removal of any clutter.

Are your surprise guests surprised when they need to say for the night?
We will make this room a haven for guests.

Do all your children’s belongings fit into their rooms?
We will work with your children to “update” their belongings.
Read more about what we will do for your children
We work with them to recreate a functional and organized room.
We arrange furniture and belongings to make the most of their space.
We teach them organizing principles they can easily follow.


What’s in your bathroom? Is it a mad science lab? Is it a beastly parlor?
We will redefine your bathrooms to their specific uses and designate your bathrooms, sink areas, cabinets, and storage.

Home Offices

Your desk is underneath all these papers somewhere?
We will show you how streamlining your paperflow can be made easy.
Read more about what we will do for your office space (shelves/cabinets/handyman)
We suggest time management techniques.
We propose project management techniques.
We teach how to conquer procrastination and to-do lists.

Piles everywhere?
We will set up a personalized filing system for the way YOU think.
We streamline your personal filing system so you can find anything quickly, electronic and on paper.
Download our easy to follow Records Retention Guidelines.


Clothing What fits? What is worn?
We will make your closet a joyful retreat for your wardrobe.


What is hiding in your closets?
We will give you solutions that make storing and finding seldom used items a breeze.
Paying out of your nose to storage facilities?
We will eliminate this expense FOREVER!
We will work with you and help you decide what is sellable, suited for gifting or donating to make this happen.
Dust covered boxes hard to retrieve from your attic?
We will create attic space that is virtually dust free.


Is your garage a nightmare?
We will reunite your car(s) with your garage.

Utility Rooms

Does your utility room say “utilize?”
We will give your cleaning equipment a clean environment.


Are you planning to move?
We assist you in organizing garage and yard sales, and cataloging estate sales.
We help you pack so that you can transition into your new space as easy as possbile, and help unpack at the destination.
We make necessary repairs.

Moving Tips

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