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Be Brave

Do you think it takes bravery to tackle clutter in your house? Sometimes, clutter can get scary, overwhelming, and emotionally draining. The step to tackling a disorganized space may require a brave move on several levels. First of all, one may need to overcome the fear of accepting help–may that be in the form of

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Recently I have had several conversations about the differences between getting organized and stayingorganized. From personal experience I find it is much more difficult to maintain organization than straightening out a mess. Hence, this month’s word is MAINTAIN. Here are some suggestions: Make everyone responsible Ask for continued support Identify places for everything Notice and appreciate Take initiative Avoid

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How to Pack for Vacation

So you’ve picked out where to go on vacation. You’re so excited. Then you realize, “Ugh, I got to pack!” Dоn’t lеt potential stresses of planning and packing take away the excitement & anticipation of going on vacation from you.  With a few hеlрful hints, уоu’ll be ready tо go in nо time. Grаb уоur

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