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Focus? What’s that?

One of the biggest obstacle in accomplishing a goal, and I have witnessed this in my 12 years of professional organizing (and the years before in other scenarios,) is people having trouble focusing. It can be a challenge for anyone, especially if the task is considered boring or bothersome. And, believe me, I am no different.

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Mobile Apps that help you keep track of your medical information and medications:

Care Zone Keep everything organized and easily coordinate with the people that matter to you. JOURNAL: Document symptoms for easy reference during medical appointments and share updates privately with family members. CALENDAR: Keep track of appointments, get reminders for prescription refills, and share access with family members and caregivers. CONTACTS: Organize and share important numbers and emails—including

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Coupons and Specials

2 hours for $100 (a $60 savings!) to see if we are a fit, to consult or to tackle a corner. Audit/assessment/organizing plan for $250 9 hours (minimum of 3-hour sessions) for $600 (a $120 savings!). Sessions will have to be completed within a 1-month period from original purchasing date. Use a 9 hour package

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Mid-Morning Basket

Busy lives often let us overlook the things we are “supposed to do.” For example, what happens to the important mail you bring in from your mailbox? Does it get separated from the junk mail? Does it get opened? Does it end up in an ever-growing pile, or even several piles? Here is a start

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