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One of our latest handyman projects

One of our latest handyman projects

A fence the neighbors can be envious about
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Adult Tilt-in-Space with Reclining Back WheelchairAdult Tilt-in-Space with Reclining Back WheelchairQuickie IRIS wheelchair (Tilt-In-Space)
Super Easy Business Card Collecting BoxSuper Easy Business Card Collecting BoxThis wooden box shown holds 500 business cards. Custom sizes available. Please contact us for your specialized needs. Pattern may vary. Categorize tabs to your own liking--the way YOU think.


"I got a lot out of your workshop.  I came home and was motivated to  tackle little organization projects - like my desk, the floor of my  guestroom,  and a shelf of my closet.  Now when I try something on  and don't like it anymore, it goes straight into a bag for  Salvation Army.  I feel better already!  I will keep on with that  and eventually get to the pictures and such.
I'm so pleased that you created this business that utilizes so many  of your skills and clearly leads to positive changes in many  lives." - Mary M.

"Thank you for showing up in my life, just when I needed it!" - Meg C.

"First off, I have to say I LOVE the office.  I stopped in Sunday night and just loved the feel and "vibe" of the place.  Great stuff. Yes the office looks fantastic!  I really liked how it flowed and the general feeling I got when I walked in." - John C.

"Thank you for your bright spirit and the amazing clarity you have brought to so many areas of our life through Cure for Space." - Maria C.

"Brigitte is exceptionally talented in home organizational skills. Combined with her warm nature, she was a joy to work with! Brigitte motivated me with her personalized plan of action, helping me to move forward in releasing items that no longer served me. She worked alongside me and stayed within my budget. I highly recommend Brigitte (Cure for Space) for any of your organizational needs." - Anastasia F.

"I highly recommend Brigitte Starkey to anyone that needs help with a room, a home, an office, or even a lifestyle or methodology.  I have always been a very organized person; actually quite adept at designing work flows that were highly efficient and effective.  I moved to a new apartment in May 2010 and had recently started my own business.  I had a problem with configuring my office and how to structure the work flow.  My work was at a standstill and no new clients were coming in.  My office was glutted with piles of paper everywhere.  And I didn’t want to work in the office because it was overwhelming to go in there.
I met Brigitte and decided to give her a try.  I felt I couldn’t afford it money-wise (as my business was not yet booming), but I also knew I couldn’t afford NOT to do it because I was paralyzed and not getting any work done!  I knew that she worked on the energetic level of things and I asked her to help get my business going and flowing.
The results were beyond my imagination and hopes!  I never dreamed my space could look so good and function so well.  Brigitte comes up with some wild ideas, seemingly off the top of her head, that work magnificently.  We even got to do an “art project” just like on the HGTV shows!
As soon as we opened up my office space, clients and work began to flow in!  That was the result I was seeking.  The flow has been slow, but steady; and has recently begun to move faster.
I have recommended her to friends and clients who have used her services and are also thrilled.
If money concerns are stopping you from using her services, please consider having Brigitte help you with design facets that will encourage money to flow in.  She works on the energetic level of your space as well as the physical beauty." - Honali A.

"Thank You!
Not for giving me my house back, I did not want that house anymore--but for giving me a home, clean, neat, and organized.
Not for giving me my life back, did not want that either--but for giving me a life, clean, neat, and organized.
I now have a happy, clean, happy, neat, happy, organized life and home!" - Pat P.

"Brigitte has an amazing talent for seeing how a space should look and feel. My office had the worst feeling and use of space. With just a few hours of work , she transformed my office into a much more workable and aesthetic office! She also "makes" you get involved! Well worth the time and money! Call her !" - Joan G.

"The moment I met Brigitte, I knew she was THE person to help my husband and myself bring our chaos and clutter to order (2 home offices, plus life). While it took more than 6 months to get my husband enrolled in the idea, he now refers to Brigitte as Wonder Woman, and that is an apt description. Not only has my husband begun to actually work in his office again - because it is a pleasant environment as contrasted to utter clutter and chaos - but the rest of our home, from closets to bookshelves have been blessed with her creativity and her loving touch.
Previously, I have dreaded trying to "get organized", but with Brigitte it is totally FUN. She makes me laugh, she never pushes me, she has creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, and I am always happy with the results. THANK YOU, Brigitte, for working together with us to recreate our home as a place where we love to be!" – Shirley N.

"As I look at items, I think to myself, if we are not using it now, and no one else we know needs it, someone could be using it now through the church or Goodwill. You have taught me well. It takes a good teacher to recognize one, and you are honestly an excellent teacher in your field. I was most impressed with your insights to my individual needs by creating, what we call in the education field, an Individualized Education Plan. I pride myself on evaluating and learning each of my student’s strengths/weaknesses and learning styles as soon as possible to maximize their learning experience and to enjoy learning. You are a natural at that. You evaluated and gave me the skills. Plus, you motivated me by making me feel like I could do it, no matter what. Isn’t that what every good teacher should do?
Thanks so much for your valuable insights, directions, ideas, and most of all your support and encouragement. – With sincere gratitude, Patricia R.

"Your suggestions have make such a positive impact in our home--can't wait to proceed down our list." – Rosemary D.

"The shelves look awesome. The 'library' handiwork looks great, and I definitely feel that we got what we paid for. Tell your husband that he did a great job.Thanks a million. I am very excited to complete the library. I had always figured it would take trading up another house or two to get one." – Patrick S.

"I do appreciate receiving your organizational tips via email, and I have put some of them to good use. Thanks!....... you are a wonder in many areas that totally elude me." – Pat P.

"We love how the garage looks! You are absolutely gifted in what you do." – Eve N.

"Their work was skilled, meticulous, and reasonably priced. It was a delight to work with them." – Nancy & Brian L.

"I have enjoyed our work together, and still am as we are continuing to work on other areas of my home. I love our new Master Bedroom. Brigitte's suggestions for organization and decoration have all been most helpful. She did work within our framework of ideas and budget." – Evelyn C.

"This is a sincere thank you for the personalized office you created for me from a room in total disarray. I didn't even know where to begin and you did! You packed, labeled, and stored my son's belongings and then started to re-invent the room. The new paint on the walls, the placement of the furniture, the computer and printer set-up, as wellas the framed art work is exactly what I imagined for myself. Another phenomenon is that you sorted and filed 2 years worth of legal, medical, and financial documents along with bills and bank statements and pay stubs. I appreciate the color-coded filing system more than you can know. The very best thing of all is how efficiently I can complete my work. All of the equipment that I need is on my work table. The materials I use are arranged neatly on shelves and everything is at my fingertips. I have recommended your service to many colleagues and friends. I am a grateful client." – Patricia W.

“Cure for Space came in and analyzed my work and filing patterns. They then created a custom filing and paper handling system that has worked for over a year. The bills, tax and insurance records are no longer out of control. They did not bring in some canned system that would force me to change. Instead they created a system that is compatible with they way I think. Gathering my income tax records took 5 minutes as opposed to the previous times of days to find everything. They also created customized shelving for our closet specifically for storing our oil paintings. I would recommend them to anyone who has storage and organization problems.”-- John L.

"Brigitte and David have redone my whole house with such creativity! They have done electrical, carpentry, venting, landscaping, tiling, made curtains, designed and installed a kitchen like no other. They reorganized my home into an inviting, warm, and comfortable living space. I would highly recommend their expertise and friendly services to those like myself who are OI (organizationally impaired). It is difficult to put into words what a positive change they have made in my everyday living. And all of that at a great price!" – Steve A.

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