Holiday Decoration Mayhem

What is your attitude towards holiday decorations? The more, the merrier? The minimalist approach? Doing it for the kids? Yearly craft projects not to be missed?

We have all grown up in a certain way in how we celebrate and make it known to the world. And we have all adapted, adopted, adjusted, and changed in how we decorate (or not) for the holidays. The stores are filled with a plethora for everyone’s taste (or so they think), and yes, heirlooms are purchased and considered precious…at least until they fall apart, break down, or a “better” one comes along.

So here is my plea to you…or consider this:

Take stock of what you have before you buy more. Get rid of broken items that will most likely never get fixed. Determine what you, your children, and your children’s children really appreciate and cherish and donate the rest (or sell).

Are you really out of wrapping paper and bows? Use up what you have before you add the new.

Safely store your yearly decorations in dust-free containers in a moderately temperate place. (No, that would not be the attic, my dear fellow Texans.)

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